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CHERYL WOOD's Cultural Immersion Experience with NRCSA

The soda (cafeteria) provided a variety of foods for lunch that were various prices as well as quantity.  Due to the large selection of food, I never felt there wasn't a meal that met my needs.  After school there were a variety of enrichment activities that students could sign up for.  I participated in a cooking class and learned how to cook an authentic Costa Rican meal which we enjoyed after preparing it.  There were weekend trips that were offered but since I was there for only a week, I did not participate in any.  My housemate did and she enjoyed

what a weekend

Whoa. What a weekend. So, on Friday as soon as class was over we went straight to the train station (10 of us, the other 3 went to Rome) and took an express train to Venice. Considering it was our first train ride, the plans went really smoothly and it wasn't too confusing. When we got to Venice we hopped another train and went to the train station closest to our hostel. We walked to the hostel, after asking 12897013 people for directions (when it ended up being literally a minute walk from the train station) to the hostel.


I asked the girls to name some things we love about Italy so far and this is what we came up with...

First Day of School! First Day of School! (Nemo voice)

We LOVE our classes. All of us do. They only speak to us in Italian. We have learned as much today as probably 4 weeks in a typical 1010 college class and i love it! Our teacher is so nice and the people that own our residence are SO sweet and caring and they go out of their way to help us. After our first class which is "just" the 13 of us, we grabbed a HUGE 1 euro slice of pizza and then planned out our weekend.

First Day in Siena, Italy

So, we did it! We successfully got 13 girls from Tennessee to Siena, Italy with absolutely no complications. Not one delayed flight or lost suitcase, nothing! Everything has worked out perfectly thanks to the awesome planning/detailed info from NRCSA, some VERY broken Italian and the Big Man Upstairs. We are so happy to have made it here and we absolutely ADORE Siena. The scenery is gorgeous.

Sud America--Me lo encanta!

  My experience traveling through South America was nothing short of amazing.  I studied in Peru for a month, Bolivia for a month, and ended my Spanish studies in Chile for a month.  It was really cool to learn about the different indigenous cultures, eat typical food from each country, and share these experiences other students from all over the world.  I know I will always have a place to lay my head in the homes of my new friends if I ever travel to their country!