Reflections on Study Abroad

Problem Encounter, Problem Sovled!

NRCSA is here to help! While we strive to make sure that all of our participants have a seamless experience - the unknown can always happen, and NRCSA is with you all the way through your program, to help you resolve the unknowns.  Maybe it's a missed flight or lost bag. Maybe it's a bit of culture shock on the first day. Or maybe it's something more serious....

Below are some examples of assistance NRCSA has provided to help our participants resolve issues while abroad (please note that names have been changed to ensure the privacy of our participants):


PART I – PERU   BREATH-TAKING, in a word! I felt just like Yale archaeologist Hiram Bingham who “discovered” this 15th century Inca refuge in 1911.  Hidden nearly 8,000 feet high on a mountaintop and surrounded by even taller peaks, Machu Picchu is truly a testimony to man’s ingenuity in constructing this sprawling engineering feat!

Overall Experience thus far.

Having the opportunity to study abroad has been the best experience I have ever had.  I am really enjoying Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.  It’s such a beautiful city.  The people here are so kind.  The culture is a bit different from my Mexican culture but not by much.  I live in the center of the city, so I see so many other tourists around.  I walk down the street and hear so many different languages (Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German, and others I don’t recognize).  It fascinates me that so many different types of people are all in the

Study Abroad - Language Barrier - Part 4 of 7

“C’est pas fait exprès,” my host father told me one morning while we were standing with the refrigerator open.

“Quoi?” was my response. I knew enough French to recognize that the connotation of my “What?” was slightly rude and shouldn’t be used with my host father, but I didn’t know enough to supply a kinder replacement.

“Pas exprès.”

“Quoi? Je ne comprend pas.”

Study Abroad - Walk to Metro - Part 3 of 7

After landing in Paris, meeting my host family, suffering through my first French cheese plate and falling asleep on the opposite side of the world from the bed I last slept in, I was so over stimulated by the next morning that I hardly considered it daunting to attempt to find my way to school by myself.

Study Abroad – Meet My Host Family - Part 2 of 7

Upon completion of my university’s four requisite semesters of French needed to study abroad in a francophone country, I almost surprised myself by immediately researching study abroad opportunities. Somewhat shy by nature, I knew I had to force myself out of my comfort zone from time to time in order to live the experiences that I wanted to have in life. As far back as I could remember, I had wanted to study abroad in Paris, and that desire drove me to research programs, buy a plane ticket, and leave Wisconsin behind me for 4 months in the spring of 2005.

Study Abroad – A Transition - Part 1 of 7

In graduate school, I once gave a very boring presentation to my “Communication professionelle” class. As an exercise to make us more self aware and conscious of our own non-verbal communication, my French professor set up a video camera and taped us as we lectured the class on pertinent themes in an assigned chapter of our book.