CHERYL WOOD's Cultural Immersion Experience with NRCSA

The soda (cafeteria) provided a variety of foods for lunch that were various prices as well as quantity.  Due to the large selection of food, I never felt there wasn't a meal that met my needs.  After school there were a variety of enrichment activities that students could sign up for.  I participated in a cooking class and learned how to cook an authentic Costa Rican meal which we enjoyed after preparing it.  There were weekend trips that were offered but since I was there for only a week, I did not participate in any.  My housemate did and she enjoyed travelling to Manuel Antonio National Park as well as to the area of Tortuga.  Others of my friends were going to various activities after their time taking classes and were excited to be doing volunteer work for various agencies.

This was one of my best experiences travelling with an organization that arranged the logistics and attending a very well-run school.  I would recommend both NRCSA and its language school to anyone who is considering going to Costa Rica.  I would not hesitate to go through NRCSA to attend another program as well.

Thank you, Joan and NRCSA, for providing me with a memorable experience!