Finding the Best Flights

Air tickets are really hit or miss depending on the day, the wind etc, but here are some sites that we suggest trying:

General Travel Websites

        The first place we look here at NRCSA. Gives a good picture of prices, but not always the best.

        Usually has best deals for last minute travel. Downside, they do not tell you the name of the airline.

        They work with travel agents and consolidators as well as the airlines so they sometimes have very good deals.

        Fares were only average for a while, but recent searches have been returning better results.

        Allows you to bid for the price you want to pay. People swear by this service, but generally seems complicated!

Credit Card Specific

    American Express Travel
        **Make sure you log into the website with your American Express credit card information.
           They give their best prices to active American Express credit card holders

    Other Travel Rewards Credit Cards
        Contact the credit card company for their travel website.

Sites That Offer Fare Alerts
Know when the prices to your favorite destinations drop:

Deal Newsletters
Read deals newsletters - Sign up for esavers at the airlines, and for sale alerts at deals sites:

Are there other sites that you use that are not on the list? Let us know and we will look at adding them!