NRCSA Timeline

1968  Founded in Milwaukee, WI USA*
Coordinated homestay lodging for the Mexican Olympic Committee

1969-72 Initiated international study & people-to-people encounters for Smithsonian & other museums, universities & high schools, associations, trade groups, land-use organizations

1973  Incorporated InterAmerican Workshop 501(3)(c)
Integrated international workshops  into K-12 school curriculum

1978  Initiated school assessment services  for foreign governments
Clients: Mexico, Britain, Ireland, Costa Rica and others

1980  NRCSA Programs recognized by Wisconsin DPI for ECH for teachers
Provided professional development units for teachers in 23  States

1982  Accident and sickness insurance, med-evac  and 24  emergency  hotline
NRCSA among the first organizations to include insurance for all participants

1983  US representative at the founding meeting of IALC
Standards organization for foreign language-culture training

1984  Founding member: Council on Standards for international Educational Travel
CSIET evaluates and set standards for pre-university exchanges

1985  Approved  as private (career) school by WI Educational Approval  Board
Provided computer training and certification

1986  NRCSA programs  recognized  as university level for academic credit
Since 1986, NRCSA has had consortium agreements with numerous US Universities

1989  Worldwide  Classroom Directory of International Programs published
WWC now has 3418 member schools in 106 countries. See

1990  Initiated International Teen Forum in conjunction with Milwaukee city  and county government
People-to-people civics program to familiarize foreign teens with US government

1991  Initiated Volunteer & Internship opportunities in Europe & Latin America
Multi-Cultural learning through experiential programs

1994  WWC Directory and Planning Guide added to internet
Now lists 10,000 schools and used by 3 million viewers  worldwide

1999  Milestone: participants from the 1000th organization takes NRCSA program
Participants from universities, corporations, school districts, government agencies, NGO etc

2004  Milestone: 80,000th person enrolls in NRCSA immersion  program abroad
All ages: 14%  under 18;  25%  18-22; 21%  23-29; 24%  30-49; 16%  50+

2005  NRCSA programs  recognized  for CEU units for Social Worker  in 38  States
Professional development for for completing NRCSA multi-cultural courses abroad

2006  NRCSA awarded LTM Star Award  “Best in the Americas”
Based on a survey  of over 400 schools in 23  countries

2007  US Government Federal Supply Schedule approval GS-10F-0181S
Awarded for the teaching of 31foreign languages at Centers in 40  countries.

2008 Milestone: Graduate courses in Spanish approved
Offered in conjunction with NRCSA Multicultural Centers in 14 Spanish speaking countries

2010 Milestone: Undergraduate credit approval expanded to 31 languages
Taught at NRCSA Multicultural Consortium Schools in 41 countries
2011 Initiated International Art Exhibit to showcase international art influences and artists
Awarded Best in Milwaukee by US Commerce Association

* NRCSA coordinates multi-cultural learning programs  for enrichment, professional development, undergraduate and graduate credit.  NRCSA is a division of Mibar Ltd which is a member of the Association of Commerce,   Better Business Bureau, and IATAN  and subscribes to standards of both ACTFL and NAFSA.    NRCSA fees approved  by the US Government

– Authorized Federal Supply Schedule (GSA).