First Day in Siena, Italy

So, we did it! We successfully got 13 girls from Tennessee to Siena, Italy with absolutely no complications. Not one delayed flight or lost suitcase, nothing! Everything has worked out perfectly thanks to the awesome planning/detailed info from NRCSA, some VERY broken Italian and the Big Man Upstairs. We are so happy to have made it here and we absolutely ADORE Siena. The scenery is gorgeous. When we were on the ride from Rome (the little bit of the ride we were awake seeing that we felt like it was the middle of the night and really it was morning here) we were in awe at the gorgeous rolling hills and typical Tuscan houses. The city is the perfect size and everyone is friendly. We love our rooms. 8 of us are staying in the building that is also the school and the manager is SO nice (he also speaks very good English, thank goodness!) He carried ALL of our suitcases up 4 flights of stairs (and seeing that we are slightly high maintenance girls packing for 5 weeks, those weren't your average duffle bags) and refused to let us carry any. We walked around for a bit and got our first slice of Italian Pizza at a hole in the wall pizza stand and it was YUMMY and cheap! The lady at the counter was laughing at our hilarious attempts at Italian, but hey, it's the first day! We are most likely just going to call it a night and be grandmas and go to bed super early to bed ready for our first day of class tomorrow. But no worries, we will have much more to come! And tons of pictures!