I asked the girls to name some things we love about Italy so far and this is what we came up with...

Things we LOVE about Italy: Pizza.Pasta.Gelato.Our teacher, Serena.The SHOPPING!The beautiful landscapes.The gorgeous buildings.Girl time.Sightseeing.No bugs!Our classes.Scarves!Feelings super safe.Free cookies because we are foreign. Cute little frappuccino maker in the school. Funny Spanish parallels. Allyson's fun facts. The windows that actually open and close! The flowers. The drinking age. Turning the corner and bumping into insanely gorgeous ginormous cathedrals. Random men that rub our earlobes. Hotties.Actually carrying out plans/reservations. 

Things we HATE about Italy: PIGEON FEATHERS! Paying for silverware. No free water. Sleezeballs in Pastel. Buying stamps. How people don't respond or smile when you say excuse me. That we aren't getting tan because it's not as warm as we thought. The time difference. Small washing machine. No dish washer. No dryers. Making travel plans/reservations.