Overall Experience thus far.

Having the opportunity to study abroad has been the best experience I have ever had.  I am really enjoying Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.  It’s such a beautiful city.  The people here are so kind.  The culture is a bit different from my Mexican culture but not by much.  I live in the center of the city, so I see so many other tourists around.  I walk down the street and hear so many different languages (Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German, and others I don’t recognize).  It fascinates me that so many different types of people are all in the same place. 

My school is great.  The classes are never boring and I learn something new everyday.  Yes, my first language was Spanish, but it is easily forgotten when I speak English on a daily basis so I can definitely say my vocabulary is expanding and my speech is improving.  My classmates are so interesting.  Most of the time we spend our time speaking about our countries while learning grammar and vocabulary.  It’s amazing how different and how alike the USA is to other countries.  I’ve had classmates from France, USA (Texas), South Korea, Brazil, Russia, Holland, Italy and Israel.  Every two weeks we have an exam to test if we can advance to the next level so I’m always having different classmates considering I’m already in the highest level.

Barcelona, has so much to offer.  There are museums everywhere, parks, restaurants/bars, clubs, the beach, a huge zoo and aquarium, fast public transportation, a good climate, kind people, and if tourists watch their stuff closely a safe environment.  The life here is so laid back.  Breakfast is around 8:00, lunch is around 14:00-15:00 and dinner is usually 20:00-21:00.  Many stores close after lunch to take their daily siesta, which is a nap.  There’s people out all the time, the parks are never empty and people will still be walking around at 3:00-5:00, hanging out at the plazas or clubbing.  People really value family and friends here.  Walking into a place, a greeting is the first thing that is heard.  The atmosphere is friendly and loveable.  People just seem really happy here.

I’m honored to be a student studying Spanish in Spain.  I worked so hard to get here and I’m proud of myself and privileged for the opportunity given to me by the program to allow me to fit this in into my required curriculum and my supporters.  I don’t go a day without being thankful.  I am truly blessed.